Ruby Annabelle Volz, May 20
Jacob Clayton Andrews, May 21
Theodore Robert Hobza, May 27
Otto William Watson, May 28
Lucas Henry Lohmeier, June 10
Barrett Thomas Kruger, June 11

In Memory

Maxine Sorensen, a member since 1994, passed away May 17, 2017
Dorothy Wilson, a member since 2004, passed away May 25, 2017 

Ryan Opdahl and Hilary Wolf, May 26
Hayley Christiansen and Nick Dolson, May 26
Mallory Sypal and Ryan Waters, June 3
Meggie Wells and Chris Kean June 10
Sidney Haas & Spencer Edwards, June 17


New Members to First-Plymouth
Chris and Melissa Patterson
Taylor Curry
Jordan Dahle
Mitchell Coffin
Douglas and Barbara Rix
Dallas and Brenda Waggoner
Megan Blumenthal
Brian Walvoord
Ben Morgan
Maxine Moul
Christina Emra-Buchholz
Dawn Dresden
Jim and Karen Miller

Welcome New Members