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A Story of Life and Death

Death has a peculiar reputation. We say things like, “It’s just part of the cycle of life”.  “It’s natural.”  But is that true?  Did God design the universe to function within a cycle of life and death?  Or could it be that Death is an ungodly invasion of God’s good creation?  This Sunday, let's carry these questions to Jesus as he weeps at the tomb of Lazarus.     

Saturday 5:30pm; Sunday 9:00am, 10:30am, 11:59am at 20th & D Streets
9:30 @ FP East (Kloefkorn Elementary)
7:00pm FP Presents (Brewsky's Haymarket)

The Screwtape Letters

Lenten Sermon Series & Book Groups  |  March 5-26, 2017

Easter Sunday April 16

Services for Easter Sunday: 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:29pm, 7:00pm


FP Presents is on the Move!

Sunday, 7:00pm at Brewsky's Haymarket (201 N. 8th St) with a message from Patrick Messer and live music by the 402 band.


What's Happening at First-Plymouth

Saturday, April 1, 10:00am-3:00pm

Live Inspired. Give Inspired.

2017 Annual Pledge Campaign

Programs & Activities at First-Plymouth

First-Plymouth Congregational Church touches thousands of lives each week with the good news of Jesus Christ. Its ongoing ministries reach out to meet the needs of our community and our world.

First-Plymouth seeks to provide pathways for growth. A variety of small groups, events and workshops offer opportunities for friendships, spiritual and personal growth, emotional and spiritual support, or activity and service.


Reach Out & Live

"The Screwtape Letters. Pt. III" this week on Reach Out and Live by the Dr. Jim Keck of First Plymouth Church, Lincoln, NE. Recorded 3-19-17.


Rev. Dr. Jim Keck

Open Minded

Our worship services have a quality that echoes through the ages and yet, speaks to the present and points to the future. 


We believe God is a spirit of love that can be felt and known by each one of us.


Rather than resisting change or innovation, we eagerly experiment with new ways of being faithful and new understandings


We celebrate the differences among us such as sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, mental abilities, physical capabilities, personalities, and backgrounds.