First-Plymouth Church is one church in two locations.
Our main campus is located at 2000 D Street and First-Plymouth East, is located at Kloefkorn Elementary (6601 Glass Ridge Dr).
We are a vibrant congregation that cares about people. No matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.

This Week In Worship

Peace.Love.Inclusion.Justice.Joy Part 2

First-Plymouth is the first church in Lincoln. Actually, we existed before it was even called 'Lincoln." In 1866 in a town then called "Lancaster" a church was launched and a spiritual journey towards the key principles of PEACE.LOVE.JUSTICE.JOY was initiated. 

In a two part sermon series Dr. Jim Keck will explore how three thinkers - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Horace Bushnell and Sojourner Truth - who were current at the time became part of our spiritual/intellectual DNA at FP.


Burning Questions:
Does Prayer Work?

Prayer. It is both ubiquitous and mysterious. We pray in worship, hospitals, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Churches keep prayer lists so that prayer teams can offer up our joys and concerns. But, why do we do this? Does it even matter? This Sunday, join Pastor Patrick as we ask this simple yet complex question: does prayer work? 

Sun 8:00am at 20th & D  |  9:30am at First-Plymouth East, Kloefkorn Elementary School (6601 Glassridge Dr)


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Open Minded

Our worship services have a quality that echoes through the ages and yet, speaks to the present and points to the future. 



We believe God is a spirit of love that can be felt and known by each one of us.



Rather than resisting change or innovation, we eagerly experiment with new ways of being faithful and new understandings



We celebrate the differences among us such as sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, mental abilities, physical capabilities, personalities, and backgrounds.