Idolatry in 2017

Although the ancient Hebrews used to rail against idolatry, after the Babylonian exile it mostly falls away as a major religious topic. For example, Jesus does not inveigh strenuously against idolatry and it only gets a couple mentions in the New Testament as a whole. And for modern Christians it seems like the danger is rather slim of people casting a golden calf and worshipping it. But what if idolatry takes more subtle forms these days than praying to a statue? What if your own image of God has been simply carved from your desires and predilections and is more of an idol than the true living God?

Saturday 5:30pm | Sunday 9:00am, 10:30am, 11:59am at 20th & D St.

First-Plymouth East

Perhaps the perkiest book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes. It begins and ends with this nugget of inspiration: "Utter futility! All is futility!" Okay, maybe it's not that perky. In fact, it's more like the Eeyore of the biblical voices. But, make no mistake, it contains profound wisdom! This Sunday at FP-East, we'll sit down with this sage and discover the raw beauty of companionship in a world that makes little sense.

Sunday 9:30am Kloefkorn Elementary School (6601 Glassridge Dr)

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Reach Out & Live

"Wedding Wisdom: A sermon by an experienced hitchin' pastor." this week by Dr. Jim Keck of First Plymouth Church, Lincoln, NE. Recorded 7-16-2017.


Rev. Dr. Jim Keck

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