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Compline Service Moves To 9:00 PM

Compline, First-Plymouth’s monthly offering of “ancient worship for the modern soul”, will begin at 9 p.m., rather then 7 p.m., during June, July and August. “With the longer daylight days in summer, this new summer worship time will allow us a time of reflection to end our day and a time to pray for God’s protection within the darkness of night,” said Minister of Music, Tom Trenney.  

Compline is the most unique evening worship (and the most timeless liturgy) which First-Plymouth offers to the congregation and community. Compline is held the second Sunday evening in First-Plymouth’s candlelit sanctuary. No words are spoken; with lights dimmed and candles flickering, the calming ancient chants, angelically sung by the Schola Cantorum, open a doorway into the realm of spirit. The only thing a person attending “does” is light a candle, and it is utterly captivating.  

“Since the fourth century, Compline has provided worshipers a timeless opportunity to share in our final prayers before bedtime—prayers for God’s grace upon our sleeping and upon our rising the following morning. Worshiping in this special way, as we approach the sunset of a summer’s evening, will make a beautiful and peaceful change for our worshipers as they approach the week ahead,” Trenney said. 

All are invited to simply walk into this mystical service, sit quietly and allow an experience of deep inner peace. Summer Compline services are scheduled for June 11, July 9 and August 13, at 9 p.m. in the main sanctuary. In September the worship will return to its 7:00 p.m. time.
For more about Compline, please visit www.firstplymouth.org/compline


On May 6th First-Plymouth confirmed 36 confirmation students.  These 8th graders have spent the past 8 months learning the basics of our faith as well as learning to serve those in need. We are excited to see how they will serve our community, our church and our world as they continue on their faith journeys.

Animal Blessing

Sunday, June 4, 11:59am service

All people attending this service are invited to bring their well-behaved pets on leashes or in crates or cages. Following the service, the clergy will offer an individual blessing in the courtyard. In addition, a blessing will be offered to photos of pets not present as well as to a child’s favorite stuffed animal. The Blessing is free and open to the public. A free-will offering will go to Pine Ridge Reservation animal welfare and Hearts United for Animals.