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Werewolves, Vampires and the Walking Dead

Another Halloween is over and very few people dressed up as old school monsters like Frankenstein or vampires. There is a new crop of ghouls and silly costumes. But these classic monsters remain the best symbols of some of our deepest fears. This weekend we will explore how the anxieties that haunt us can be unmasked and turned into opportunities for growth.

All Saints Sunday - When Death Dies

Get swept up in an ancient form of worship. For more than 1300 years the church has dedicated a specific day to remembering martyrs and loved ones who have dies. It is a chance to be together in community and name those we've lost. It is also a chance to be reminded of the deep mystery that in God's creation, death gets swallowed up by Life.


Preachers usually preach about what they believe, but this week Dr. Jim Keck will flip it and share what he does NOT believe. Fact is, not every belief expounded by Christians is Godly and salutary and religion can become weighed down with dubious elements.. Time to get real.

Love is Part 2.

In order to describe what love is Paul tell the Corinthians what live is not. If we are rude, resentful, insistent on our own way, hold grudges from long ago, the ancient preacher says our capacity for love diminishes. Let's have some real talk about the forces that weaken the love in our heart AND how to deepen our well of love so that they never run out. In order to describe what love is Paul tells the Corinthians what love is not.

The Christ Within

Although Jesus was trying to teach the disciples a way of life beyond competition and anxiety over social status, James and John make a crass move for a superior position among the disciples in Mark 10. Join Dr. Jim Keck as he considers a manner of life which is more peaceful and magnanimous. And there will be a surprising turn in the sermon about how we are to read scripture together.

Faith Makes You Smarter

Researchers have discovered that human beings possess certain cognitive biases that can result in poor decisions and choices in life. Many of these biases like the fundamental attribution error, confirmation bias and framing have to do with how we tend to be selfish in the way we view the world. When Jesus tries to widen our perspective, he actually makes us smarter.

Let Your Faith Be Stronger Than Your Fear

Dr. Jim Keck continues his sermon series on courage this week by exploring our most common fears. Courage is not the banishing of all fear, true courage is living in the face of our fears. In fact, the Bible as a whole seems to teach that life's journey will be perilous, but its faith that allow us to press onward. Come join the journey of faith this weekend!

The Courage to Be Unguarded

Like a fencer that announces "En Guarde" we often imagine we must be ready to defend ourselves and act as if life is a competitive match we must "win." But what if we had the courage to simply and calmly display our true selves and live life with a greater simplicity and authenticity? Using the beloved story of Zacchaeus in the Gospel of Luke, Dr. Jim Keck will urge us all to "go out on a limb" and live an unguarded life.

The Courage to Name Names

Let me tell you a story about a women who was sexually assaulted by a man with great political power. As a victim forced to live with her abuser, she is threatened, yet again, by a different man in power. Now, she faces an impossible decision. Do I protect what little security I have left and remain silent? Or, do I risk everything and come forward to name the man who has become my living nightmare?

The Courage to Be…lieve

In the theological classic The Courage to Be, Paul Tillich details that the fundamental courage is a deep self-affirmation that empowers a person to live into their destiny. But the end of the book concludes with a mystical flourish about how true courage must doubt God and discover the "God above God." This is the true God beyond the concrete symbols of religion, the God beyond our theological beliefs. Courageous faith encounters the Infinite.

The Courage to Be

This fall First-Plymouth will begin a special spiritual focus on COURAGE. The ancients considered it the virtue that undergirded all virtues because it takes courage to act upon ones convictions. Without courage no virtue would ever be manifested. Dr. Jim Keck
will launch the years theme with a two-part sermon series on the theological classic "The Courage to Be" by Paul Tillich. 

The Courage to Resist

Courage. What is it? What has it looked like? What can it look like? How can it show up in me? The time is ripe to explore these questions. The first of a three part sermon series about cultivating the courage needed for our time. In part 1, Pastor Patrick looks at courageous resistance in the stories of the prophet Daniel and Colin Kaepernick. Yeah, he went there.