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The Race of Faith

The Letter to the Hebrews uses the metaphor of running to describe the life of faith. This weekend is the Lincoln Marathon and Dr. Jim Keck will explore the delightful nature of "non-competitive competition" in a local marathon where only the elite runners try to "win" everyone else is competing to bring out the best in themselves and support others.

The Rise of Christianity

On Easter we celebrate that Christ was risen. But it also begins the rise of the Christian faith itself, and there are many surprising factors involved in how Christianity became the worlds largest religion. Join Dr. Jim Keck for an adventurous description of this amazing process.

Hummingbird Moments (Easter)

Beginning with a solemn procession, the promise of the Easter story is shared in a hope-filled scripture and an inspiring sermon, accompanied by the holy strains of the Plymouth Choir and orchestra.

Easter Vigil

This ancient and sacred service leads us from the darkness of death to the light of the empty tomb. Come experience the drama of the resurrection unfold. 

On Being Great Enough to Be Humble

On Palm Sunday the church celebrates the moment Jesus enters Jerusalem riding upon a donkey. This has rightly been understood as the perfect display of the deep humility of the Christ. Kings and mighty warriors would ride in on a tall stallion. But our humble Lord comes to us in gentle and peaceable ways that seek the good of the other. Join Dr. Jim Keck this week for an exploration of the power of humility.

Wait For One Another

When we open the Bible to a book like 1 Corinthians, we often read it as Scripture addressed to the global church. But, in actuality we are reading someone else's mail. This Sunday, let's get nosy and find out just what sort of drama has seized First Church of Corinth. As we snoop around this letter, don't be surprised if Paul's imagination of what they can be transforms our imagination of what we can be.

A Closer Walk

During this Lenten series based on the great song, Dr. Jim Keck will be looking at the ways we can come alongside Jesus more closely during the great walk that is our lives. This week we will walk alongside Jesus as he overcomes the diabolos in the desert and faithfully keeps to his own path. Join us this Lent at First-Plymouth for a closer walk.

New Beginnings

Kelly Tyrrell and Dylan Kitchen each share how walking with God is always full of new possibilities and beginnings. KellyTyrrell is a seminarian in residence at First-Plymouth and Dylan Kitchen, serves as First-Plymouth's Youth Director for our High School Ministry. 

Preaching from the Choir

Tom Trenney shares his heartfelt personal calling to music ministry and invites us all to consider how we can offer our very selves to become instruments of God's love, both as worshipers in the church and as servants in the world.

The Face of God

The human face has a quality beyond easy description. It seems to display the soul to the world. "The face is an instrument of meaning and mediates between self and other" as one philosopher put it. It appears that no other animal relates face to face in the same manner of human beings Using the stories of how the faces of both Moses and Jesus shone after a divine encounter, Dr. Jim Keck explores how every persons face can light up when joy meets purpose.

He’s No Donny Osmond

Although Joseph's reputation has been at least slightly besmirched by the fact he has been played by Donny Osmond in a semi-bad rendition of the Technicolor Coat, he is actually one of the most psychologically complex figures in the Bible. And he shows a remarkable ability to grow and mature. Maybe we can learn from his journey in regards to our own hopes for full actualization.


Trust is an essential aspect of our human lives. Without a basic level of trust, our personal relationships, economy and society would fall apart. But it seems that trust in our institutions and leaders is eroding. Scripture calls for us to trust in God, but is even that much harder today?

Gone Fishing

One of the most delightful miracles in the Gospel takes place when after a long night of fishing and catching nothing, Peter is told by Jesus to lower his nets one more time and he brings in a massive haul of fish. Is this just another fish story? Or are there also some important spiritual insights that can be caught as well?

Longing of Soul

Our lives are mostly lived on the level of daily responsibilities and tasks, mixed with a measure of fun and entertainment. But our soul longs for something beyond the day-to-day utilitarian nature of our existence. Our soul needs to know there is SOMETHING MORE to life. The Psalms speak to this eternal yearning for connection with a higher purpose.

In a Nutshell

In the fourth chapter of Luke Jesus sums up his whole mission in two sentences. This is the best "elevator speech" of all time. Then he goes on to preach the shortest sermon ever by adding one more sentence. You can fit a lot in a nutshell. Dr. Jim Keck will offer his own one sentence sermon on Sunday (If you believe that, we have some swampland in Florida for purchase.)

Unrelenting Love

In one of the last sermons he ever preached, Martin Luther King Jr. claimed that the basic impulse of all humanity is the desire to be important and surpass others. Dr. King praised our desire for distinction so long as it fit Jesus' paradigm of greatness: humble, non-violent, and unrelenting love. Honor the legacy of MLK by hearing anew Jesus' call to dethrone our desire for significance so we might enthrone our desire to serve one another no matter what the cost.

Take Me To The River

Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan but we can forget there were a lot of other people in the river being baptized at the same time. It was a communal movement that was underway. "Church" is a communal movement and the moment of Jesus' baptism gives us some wonderful clues about the nature of that movement today.

Then You Shall See and Be Radiant

Along with Easter and Christmas, Epiphany is one of the three oldest, and principal festivals of the Christian church. This day commemorates the first manifestation of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles represented by the Magi. Each of us must personally recapitulate this great festival by experiencing a light of recognition or an insight into the meaning of Christ. Come, let us seek the light together.