First-Plymouth Stephen Ministers are ready to help
when life gets messy

Let’s face it--life is messy. Life sometimes throws us curve balls. 

Not what we expected, not what we wanted, but somehow, we have to get through it—whatever ‘get through it’ looks like. 

If you’re going through a tough time or know someone who is—maybe a divorce, grief from a loss through death, problems with a relationship, problems with a job situation--it can feel overwhelming or embarrassing. And it’s tempting to wait it out—hide in the darkness—because it really isn’t anybody else’s business. But you don’t have to ‘go it alone’ or ‘go public’. If you are ready to change the story—rewrite a more positive ending to a less-than-pleasant chapter, the smartest step forward might be to work with a First-Plymouth Stephen Minister. 

First-Plymouth has a small group of fully-trained lay ministers who are more than ready to walk alongside someone going through a challenging time, in a completely confidential manner. 

A Stephen Minister can be a crucial sounding board and guide, whether for a month or a couple of years. First-Plymouth Stephen Ministers range in age from 30-something to 80-something, are trained and ready to help. 

Stephen Ministers can help anyone in the community write a more positive end to a challenging story. Collectively, they’ve already done just that for more than 30-plus individuals this year-  free and confidentially.

The First-Plymouth Stephen Ministry is offered in the spirit of the healing friendship of Jesus. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from working with a Stephen Minister, please contact Pastor Barb Smisek, 402-476-7565 or