Bible Studies

Go deeper with the week’s scripture and sermon. Walk-In's Welcome


Not Your Ordinary Bible Study
Thursdays | Noon-1:00pm | Choir Room Led by Rev. Dr. Jim Keck
A spiritual adventure that lets Scripture speak directly to our lives, and catapult us into far-ranging topics of real interest.

Theology on Tap
Mondays | 5:30-6:30pm | The Mill (21st & L Streets) | Led by Rev. Patrick Messer
The Bible is confusing! It's filled with diverse genres of literature, overlapping timelines, evolving theology, and dissonant convictions. Not to mention, every part of Scripture emerged from times, places, and cultures completely foreign to us. This year, let's get to know the Bible. Join us at Theology on Tap as we bring the big picture into focus by learning how all the parts of Scripture tell a common story: our story.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study
Tuesdays | September - May | 9:30-11:00am | Calvert Parlor | Led by Carolyn Zeisset
Explore Bible stories in their historical context and look for what they have in common with life today. Thematic units, but each week is a self-contained lesson. All are welcome!

Women’s Circle 1 Bible Study
1st Wednesday (October-May) | 9:30-11:00AM | Perkins Restaurant (48th & O Streets | Led by Rev. Ralph Sturdy.
Each month Rev. Sturdy brings a specific Biblical text and together we discover its application to our present lives. Women of any age are welcome.

Women’s Circle 3 Bible Study
2nd Wednesday (September-May) | 9:30-11:00AM | Art Room | Led by KJ Langlais
Five - Bible Study for Adults in their 20s and 30s Sundays | 11:30am-12:30pm | Room 211W | Group led. | Contact Megan Meet weekly to focus on spiritual and community development. Keep it simple with five tenants: pray, share, give, serve, and study.

Discussion Groups

Walk-ins welcome at all Discussion Groups


‘Something Else’ Discussion
Sundays | September - May | 9:00-10:00am | Calvert Parlor
Discussion on current events, theology, and comparative religions.

Between Services Book Discussion
Sundays | September 10-May 27 | 9:45-10:30am | Tower Room