2018 Animal Blessing

Faithful Friends Animal Ministry at First Plymouth


To provide resources, support and pastoral care to people and their animal companions.


  • All persons and animals will be treated with respect
  • Animals are sentient* beings and have feelings and awareness
  • Connections between children and youth to their animal 
  • companions will be honored in an age appropriate manner
  • Support will be given to therapy animal groups and to the work of no kill shelters and rescue groups


  • Provide support during animal illness and surgery
  • Provide pastoral care at the time of animal euthanasia or death
  • Provide funeral and memorial services
  • Educate children and adults in the areas of respect for animals and the importance of animals in our world
  • Plan and host an annual pet blessing ceremony
  • Develop and provide tools for pastoral care with children and youth at the time of animal companion loss
  • Develop connections between First Plymouth and animal
  • resources in the Lincoln community
  • When funding permits, the ministry offers a "People and Pets Staying Together" Program to assist those in need with routine and short-term illness veterinary costs so that people and their animal companions may continue to be with each other

Do animals have an afterlife? Will we meet them in heaven?


For more information contact First-Plymouth Animal Ministry, jmkeister@hotmail.com, dspearm@gmail.com, or fpanimalmin@gmail.com.