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First-Plymouth, let's get to know one another better, explore the challenges of our days and learn about our faith.

For Lent, we are holding church wide book groups in homes, coffee shops, or at 2000 D. One book, many groups...and it's a fascinating little book! A classic, really:

The Screwtape Letters

In 1941 C.S. Lewis wrote this brief satirical novel in the form of the letters from a devil named Screwtape who is in an administrative position in Hell and is acting as a mentor to his nephew Wormwood who is an inexperienced tempter. Screwtape gives Wormwood detailed advice on various methods of undermining faith and of promoting sin in a person who has just become a Christian. This short book is also interspersed with observations on human nature and on Christian doctrine.

Although Lewis makes it clear in the preface that he does not believe in a literal Devil - a singular force of evil opposed to God - he does believe in devils, that is, multiple forces that seek to turn us away from good.

It's not 1941, and we are not living in a satirical novel, but we are facing temptations that are trying to turn us aside from the best in ourselves. There are forces at play that seek to lower the bar to the level of the crass and egoistic. The Christian faith itself is being turned into a consumer item, and the heroic journey of the individual soul is being trivialized into mere seeking after "success."

First-Plymouth will join together in small group book groups of The Screwtape Letters, and Dr. Jim Keck will offer a sermon series based on C.S. Lewis' novel and we will confront together as a congregation all the things that seek to diminish the Good and True and Just.

Join a Lenten Book Group . . .

First-Plymouth, let’s get to know one another better, explore the challenges of our days, and learn about our faith. During Lent, we are holding church wide book groups to go along with Dr. Keck’s sermon series, in homes, coffee shops or at church. One book, many groups...and it’s a fascinating little book! 

We encourage people to join a book group to discuss the book and sermon series. Listed below are groups of various times, dates, and locations to suit your schedule and availability. Contact any of the group leaders to let them know you’ll be attending and for exact meeting location. The groups will meet for four weeks starting the week of March 6. If you can’t make a group..start your own group...or you can discuss in your home with your family and friends. We also still need some additional group leaders. To volunteer to host contact

Available Books
Books are available for sale ($11) after worship services on Sunday, at Wednesday Night Live, in the church office during the week, or contact to request a copy.


10:30am Don & Gwen Tilley (F-P Church)
6:30pm  Rev. Barb Smisek (70th & A)
7:00pm Jim and Rosalind Carr’s home (S. 40th & Pine Lake)


6:30pm Jean & John Slieter (Fallbrook/NW Lincoln)
7:00pm Soni Fabry (70th & A)


4:00pm Rev. Nancy Erickson (F-P Church)  |
6:30pm Suzanne Jouvenat (70th & South)  |
7:00pm Teresa Harms & Wood Moore (98th & East O)  |
7:00pm Bob & Barbara Bartle (27th & Sheridan)  |


10:30am Jeanne Johnson (The Landing, 3500 Faulkner) |
6:45pm Rebecca McCoy (Woods Park)  |
7:00pm Sandie Brown (70th & Pioneers)  |
7:00pm Nancy & John Becker (Rolling Hills & Old Cheney)  |
7:00pm Rev. Hollie & Jody Schmidt (27th & Old Cheney)  |


2:00pm Nancy & Leverne Barrett (N. Lincoln/Ceresco)  |
4:00pm Shauna & Travis Green (27th & Old Cheney) Family friendly!  |
5:00pm Rev. Patrick & Tiffany Messer (S. 27th & Pine Lake) Family friendly potluck  |


10:30am Jessica Andersen-Anshutz (FP East @ Kloefkorn Elementary)  |
10:45am Pastor Karen Clarke (Calvert Parlor/FP Church)  |
11:30am FIVE Group for 20s & 30s (Art Room /FP Church)  |
4:00pm Kathleen & Terry Maynard (27th & South)  |
5:45pm FP Presents Group | March 5 at The Local (2755 Jamie Lane); March 19 at Grata (70th & A), March 26 at Brewsky's Haymarket. |
6:30pm Rev. Jim and Karen Miller (70th & A)  |