We are nearing our 2017 pledge goal of $1.7 million with $200,000 yet to go. If you have not made a pledge, please consider doing so now. A pledge is simply an estimate of what you plan to give to church in the coming year.

Please complete our easy online pledge form. Or send an email to shelly@firstplymoth.org or call Shelly (402-476- 7565 ext. 211) to let us know your giving intentions for 2017.

Every gift, regardless of size, is celebrated and drives all of ministries and programs. We ask you to consider a slight increase in your giving to help move our mission forward as we look to celebrate another record year in worship attendance. First-Plymouth’s spirit of love and inclusivity is on fire!

Our Board of Trustees and Church Council have passed a draft budget that includes this $1.7 in projected pledge income. Members of First-Plymouth will vote on this budget at the Annual Meeting January 15.

One change in the budget is support of $25,000 that will go to the Lincoln Food Bank’s Backpack program as part of our outreach to the community. (total Christian outreach budget is currently $169,660). In previous years, separate fund-raising specifically for the Backpack Program netted about this amount. This program has a long tradition of support from our church, therefore, it was decided to lift them up and roll them into the budget so that they could plan and count on that support. It means one less fund raising appeal you will receive this coming year if we can meet projected income.

Contact Shelly for any questions about the budget or pledging process.

Live Inspired. Give Inspired.

We recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of our church and it was truly inspiring to see our congregation come together to honor our past, celebrate our present, and look to our future. Our founding mission - To Increase the Love of God and Neighbor - continues to be at the core of everything we do.  

It is also inspiring that our congregation comes together each year to take care of the financial needs of our church. We try to build a budget that matches the best possible ministries we can provide to the reality of finances. By putting our collective resources to work, we can continue to live out our mission.

We ask you to consider giving 3 to 5% of your annual income to church. For example, if your annual income is $50,000, a 3% gift would be $1500 a year, or around $28 a week. Our church does not rely on a few large gifts. Every single pledge makes a difference, drives our ministries and shapes the financial health of our church.        

More people are finding First-Plymouth. More people worshiped at First-Plymouth in 2016 than any other year in our 150 years.  
Thank you for your love and support of our church. We hope First-Plymouth is a place of inspiration in your life where you feel surrounded by the presence and fullness of God’s love. 


Jim Keck, Senior Minister

Stephanie Dinger, Chair, Board of Trustees