First-Plymouth Gets Stuff Done.

please help get stuff done—in the name of our mission and our beloved church.

Day in, day out, the First-Plymouth congregation gets stuff done—important stuff—together, in the name of love. 

We have a long list of the ‘stuff’ we do for each other and for the community.

To name a few:

  • Conduct approximately 34 inspiring worship services per month

  • Present nationally-known speakers and classes for all ages

  • Feed the hungry through the Backpack program, Jacob’s Well and Matt Talbot’s Kitchen & Outreach

  • Conduct missions of service in our community, our state and in other nations

  • Provide Christian education for children and youth, including confirmation, FP Kids and programs and service learning opportunities for middle and high school youth

  • Grow our outreach through our TV ministry

  • Provide exceptional music for worship, engaging hundreds of musicians

  • Provide a welcoming place for people of all walks of life to gather.

These are all examples of how we live our mission to increase the love of God and neighbor. Every individual in the First-Plymouth community has an important role to play in making this all happen, through commitments of time, talent and treasure.

First-Plymouth is strong and growing. Our voice as a church is a powerful message to the world about a faith community that values open-mindedness, spiritual growth, inclusivity and diversity, guided by the light of unity. All are welcome. Always. 

Our ability to continue to grow, to provide compelling worship, to extend meaningful programs and critical support to the greater community depends on the support of every member of our congregation. 

We ask that you make a pledge of financial support for the coming year. Every gift matters, and every gift is used wisely in support of our mission.  Let’s face it—together as one, we are pretty powerful as we stand for our values and stand in unity with those who need it most. 

So – please help get stuff done—in the name of our mission and our beloved church. 


“Wouldn’t it be great if we all learned to love so much that everyone who passed through our doors felt held in the arms of God’s love? Mission accomplished.“

Bob Campbell


New to Pledging?

If you've never made a financial pledge before to First-Plymouth, but are thinking about it, now's the time. Again this year as a part of our annual pledge campaign, we've set a goal of 100 first-time pledges—no matter how big or small. The amount isn't the question. The question is, can First-Plymouth achieve 100 new first-time pledges?

Any first-time pledge received on or before Nov. 18 will leverage matching funds that will also go to support the annual budget. In other words, for every dollar you pledge, two will go to First-Plymouth.

If you are new to pledging or want to learn more about being a steward and caretaker of all of Gods’ gifts visit our Thoughts on Giving section.

Ways to Help Get Stuff Done at First-Plymouth

Gift Automatically

Use auto pay (e-check) to deduct from your bank account, or online Bill Pay.

icon-give mail.jpg

Mail Your Gift

Mail a check to the Church office:
First-Plymouth Church,
Attn: Kristin Buntemeyer,
2000 D St, Lincoln NE 68502

icon-give online.jpg

Gift Online with PayPal
(PayPal deducts a processing fee
out of your donation.)

icon-give in person.jpg

Gift In-Person

Make an offering during a worship service, event, or give in the office.

Text Your Gift

Text "First Plymouth" to 73256 and follow the prompts.

Other Ways To Gift to First-Plymouth

Contact the Church office to discuss stock transfers, endowments and estate planning.

Have A Question?

If you have any questions about your pledge or need any assistance, please contact Kristin in the main office. or 402-476-7565 ext.207.

Some Thoughts on Giving


Stewardship is a lifestyle of accountability and responsibility. Stewards see themselves as the caretakers of all Gods' gifts. It is a way of thanking God for our blessings by returning to God a portion of the many gifts that we have been given. Stewardship is the commitment of one’s self and possessions to God’s service.

Demonstrating your stewardship at First-Plymouth

God has given us gifts of time, talents, and treasures, which are a means to grow our faith through service and sharing in the joyful and loving community of First-Plymouth. More specifically, stewardship is giving of your time and talents by participating in one of the many ministries of First-Plymouth and contributing financially to First-Plymouth.

Starting your stewardship journey

There are many ways to support First-Plymouth's mission of increasing the love of God and neighbor.

Identify an activity at First-Plymouth that interests you, determine how you can contribute your time and talents, and get involved.  The many ministries of First-Plymouth are available on the church’s website (, in the monthly “Herald” newsletter, and the “Weekly Word” included as part of the worship service bulletin.

You can also make a financial pledge to First-Plymouth, which is a commitment to give a specific dollar amount of your financial resources to the operating budget of First-Plymouth over the course of a calendar year. Your pledge is your indication to the church of your financial stewardship.

Why make a pledge

Your pledge of financial support for the coming year is an important spiritual exercise, which allows you to reflect on the gifts God has given you and express your thanks for those gifts by giving back to First-Plymouth. It also models the importance of your spiritual life and your commitment to a growing relationship with God and First-Plymouth, a true expression of your faith.

Consider the variety of financial commitments you have in your life – mortgage payment or rent, utilities, insurance, savings, etc. Your pledge to First-Plymouth will help you to be systematic in your giving and not just be a part of what is left over after all other commitments are met.

Your pledge is important

Each year First-Plymouth creates an operating budget based on the total amount of income expected to be received from all pledges. The budget is the foundation for the next year’s planning and to continue to expand First-Plymouth’s ministries as a growing and vibrant church.

Making a pledge to First-Plymouth

Anyone who loves God and First-Plymouth – members and non-members – are asked to make a pledge to the extent they are able. Parents are encouraged to involve their children in making a pledge and teach them to be faithful givers.

How to make my pledge

You may make your pledge online from the “Give Back” option or contact the church’s Financial Administrator (402-476-7565 or to have a pledge card mailed to you. Return your completed pledge card to First-Plymouth at 2000 D Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68502.

Your 2020 Pledge

As you are making your plans for your 2020 pledge to First-Plymouth, we encourage you to consider increasing your pledge as we continue to look for new ways to increase the love of God and neighbor. View our planning chart.

How much to pledge

Your financial pledge to First-Plymouth should be made out of love for God and First-Plymouth; it should come from your heart. Prayerfully consider and explore what you feel God is calling you to commit to First-Plymouth.

A starting point to determine your pledge is to understand your financial resources and personal budget, which includes regular giving to First-Plymouth. Consider a percentage of your income to determine your pledge amount using the annual, monthly, or weekly giving options.

If you are pledging for the first time, consider 3 to 5% of your income. If you have pledged in the past, reflect on your current level of giving and consider increasing your pledge by 1% of your income, e.g. if you give 5% of your income today, take a step of faith and pledge 6% of your income.

Your pledge is confidential

Only First-Plymouth’s Financial Administrator will know your specific pledge.

Changing your pledge

There are life circumstances that may result in an adjustment to your pledge, upward as well as down. Contact First-Plymouth’s Financial Administrator (402-476-7565 or to adjust your pledge.

Status updates

An update of your pledged giving will be sent to you three times a year.


Every pledge is important and is an expression of your relationship to God and First-Plymouth, regardless of individual capacity to give. And each pledge is gratefully received. Through faithful financial stewardship, you will truly receive much more than you give and grow closer to God.


Helpful Information in Considering How Much to Pledge

As you are making your plans for your 2020 pledge to First-Plymouth, we encourage you to consider increasing your pledge as we continue to look for new ways to increase the love of God and neighbor.

Annual Income1%3%5% 7%10%
$30,000$300$900$1,500$2,100 $3,000
$40,000$400$1,200$2,000$2,800 $4,000
$50,000$500$1,500$2,500$3,500 $5,000
$75,000$750$2,250$3,750$5,250 $7,500

Annual Income1%3%5%7%10%
$150,000$125$375$625$875 $1,250
Annual Income1%3%5%7%10%
$20,000$4$12$19$27 $38
$150,000$29$87$144$202 $288