Give Back

Pledges and offerings help support our ministries and programs through the church's annual budget. There are many ways to support First-Plymouth's mission of increasing the love of God and neighbor.

A pledge is your indication to the church of your financial stewardship for the year. 

Your pledge is an indicator of how much you plan to give to the church over the course of the year. This is extremely helpful in planning the annual budget.

Financial stewardship: Every church member is expected to provide a pledge of financial support to the church to the extent they are able.

Pledge updates: Your pledge is your indication to the church of your financial stewardship for the coming year. A status update of your pledge will be sent three times a year.

Deciding how much to pledge: Equal sacrifice, not equal gifts. We invite each member to consider his or her relationship with God and with the church and determine the financial gift reflective of that relationship and his or her personal financial resources. See the Guide to Giving chart to assist you in percentage giving.

Every pledge matters: Every pledge is important and is an expression of your relationship to the church, regardless of individual capacity to give. Every pledge is essential to the health of the church and the congregation, critical to the giver, and gratefully received.

The Board of Trustees is asking all members to prayerfully consider increasing their pledge for the coming year. Any increase will put First-Plymouth in a better position to maintain existing ministries while providing for new initiatives and increases in fixed expenses.

There are members who do not pledge at all. But, thankfully, most of them still give financially. We are simply asking those who are willing to give some indication of what their giving will be for the coming year in order to plan effectively. 

Ways to Give

Automatic Withdrawal/Direct Giving
For your convenience, FP staff can help you set up monthly gifts directly from your bank account. Contact or call her at 402-476-7565 ext. 207. 

In Person
Gifts may be given during worship, or in the office during regular business hours.

Online at
Select "Give Back" for all your giving options including PayPal.


By Mail
First-Plymouth Congregational Church
2000 D Street
Lincoln, NE 68502

Stock Transfers
It may be tax-advantageous for you to donate appreciated stock. Contact or 402-476-7565 ext.207.

Diaconate Fund
Provides assistance to local families for utilities, housing, and other emergencies.

First-Plymouth Future
A vibrant group of members who share the vision of extending First-Plymouth's love, presence, ministries and outreach for generations to come by making a planned gift to First-Plymouth. An unrestricted gift is the best way to ensure future ministry needs will be met, but how you choose to direct your Legacy gift is entirely up to you.

A few established funds include:
General Memorial Fun - unrestricted funds can be used for general ministries.
Building Maintenance Endowment Fund - help sustain and protect the building.
Jim Keck 10 year Honorary Fund - endowed fund to help those within our church family during crisis.

Remembering First-Plymouth Church in your estate planning and for memorials helps ensure a solid foundation for the future, both in programming to serve the community and in maintaining the beautiful historic building. 

NEW! Text Giving

A new, easy way to give back.

Text: 73256

enter keyword: FirstPlymouth
(amount you wish to give)


Then hit send. It's that easy!

Endowment Funds

'A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit."
-Elton Trublood

The First-Plymouth Congregational Church Endowment Funds were created to ensure that the work and mission of First-Plymouth Church will be faithfully advanced for generations to come through wills, trusts or other deferred or estate gifts.

First-Plymouth encourages members to leave a legacy by responding thankfully to God for our abundant blessings, by giving a gift that will benefit others long after it was given and to experience the joy that comes through sharing.

These gifts, tax deductible to the extent allowed by state and federal laws, may provide resources wherever the need is the greatest or be donor-designated to provide additional funding for ministerial support, programs such as music, outreach and mission, capital projects or the multiplicity of education programs the church offers.