First-Plymouth Congregational Church, United Church of Christ touches thousands of lives each week with the good news of Jesus Christ. Its ongoing ministries reach out to meet the needs of our community and our world.

First-Plymouth seeks to provide pathways for growth. A variety of small groups, events and workshops offer opportunities for friendships, spiritual and personal growth, emotional and spiritual support, or activity and service.

First-Plymouth Ministries & Fellowship Groups

You will find many ways to connect with like-minded people committed to a better, happier world.


Celebrate Singles! Educational and social events are planned for singles by singles for unmarried, divorced, or widowed people.

sTEPHEN Ministry

First-Plymouth has a small group of fully-trained lay ministers who are more than ready to walk alongside someone going through a challenging time, in a completely confidential manner. 

Sustainable MInistry

Our mission is to build awareness about caring for creation, to foster sustainable lifesytles, and to motivate environmental stewardship.

Women's ministries

We provide the women of First-Plymouth Church opportunities to develop relationships with one another as well as opportunities for spiritual growth and support.

Plymouth Pride

Plymouth Pride Fellowship is a gathering of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning (LGBTQ) community members, in the midst of a loving inclusive spiritual family at First-Plymouth Church.

animal ministry

Our mission is to provide resources, support and pastoral care to people and their animal companions.

Spiritual Direction

Talking freely in a safe space, and being listened to by an open and compassionate listener can help you put into words hopes, fears, questions, longings, doubts, disbeliefs, convictions, that you have not expressed before.  

Peace & Justice

The Peace & Justice team members have presented educational programs, workshops, panel discussions, movie talks, and more, focused on nurturing a faith journey toward peace and justice and offering opportunities for activism.

Other Fellowship Groups at First-Plymouth

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Church Socials

FP Family Group

Needles & Prayers


Peace & Justice Team

Sunday Night Dinner Club

Third Chapter Ministries

Widow Support