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Claiming Your Place At the Fire

Claiming Your Place At The Fire:
Storytelling for Renewal and Preservation

Saturday, January 11, 18, & 25, 10:00am -Noon, at First-Plymouth
Facilitated by Floyd Sylvester LIMHP, CEAP and Cindy Kaliff.
Workshop cost $57 per person. Registration required by contacting

Step into the Elder Circle.   Re-find Your Purpose.   Recall Your Stories.   Be a Keeper of Our Legacies.   Be a Wisdom Keeper

In recalling your own story it may inspire opportunities to act with reference to the legacy you shall leave

We aren’t just going about our own lives, we’re offering perspective that connects our own experience to something more universal

Storytelling is an opportunity to reflect upon who we were and how that affects who we are in this new phase of life.

Start The Fire

 1)     Begin sharing stories of culture and family

2)     Learn “Snapshot” format of creating stories

3)     Create a timeline of personal events

4)     Embrace Communities


Stoking The Embers

 1)     Share 2 minute “Snapshots

2)     Learn “Tree” and “Stepping Stone” methods of story development

3)     Pursue techniques and identify plot


Full Blaze

 1)     Share 10 minute stories

2)     Learn about and discuss “Place and Time” identifications for Baby –Boomers

3)     Tips for the road

Later Event: January 12