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FP Kids: On the Move

FP Kids: On the Move
Sunday, August 18 @ 9:00am Worship

FP Kids is a style of worship that includes music, scripture, sharing of joys & concerns, prayer and the Lord’s Prayer.  The “sermon” is carried out in the classroom through multiple mediums such as art, games, science, cooking and more. The most exciting part is seeing kids build friendships, laugh and engage the stories in creative ways and develop connections with the many adults who give so much time and love to this ministry.

FP Kids will be On the Move to the sanctuary on August 18th at 9am to share this worship format with the whole congregation.  From the music, to the scripture, to the prayers, our K-5th graders and leaders will bring to life the worship that happens in Mayflower Hall into the sanctuary for all ages.

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