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Buddhist Psychology: Pathways through “Stuckness”

Buddhist Psychology: Pathways through “Stuckness”

Wednesday, May 22, 6:30-8:00pm, Chapel.
Even is FREE and open to all.

Presented by Gretchen Ann Groth

Buddhism, a 2500 year old spiritual path, is one of the growing spiritual traditions within Western countries. Mindfulness, a meditation practice grounded in Buddhism, has almost become a household word.

Because Buddhism focuses on understanding the Nature of Mind and realizing one’s inherent Buddha Nature or Enlightenment, it takes a different approach to working with our emotions, mind, stresses, ego, suffering, and everyday challenges. This talk will explore some of these differences and share methods to penetrate or release our “stucknesses”.  So, bring the curious side of your ego/self to the talk and let the defensive parts play elsewhere.


Gretchen Ann Groth, Ph.D. has been a practitioner of Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism for over 40 years. Several years ago, her teacher, Dungse Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche, appointed her as a lama, Lama Pema Chokyi. She has been a central member and meditation teacher with Yeshe Nyingpo Denver. In other pursuits, she facilitates several classes with OLLI in Denver, has been a national Organization Development and Diversity consultant, and teaches Psychology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Gretchen grew up in Lincoln and attended Westminster Presbyterian Church until she left for college at the University of Michigan.

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