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Outdo One Another: Men's Lunch & Study

Outdo One Another
Competitive Instincts and Christian Faith

Men's Lunch and Study with Allen Hilton, former Yale Theologian, Author, and Pastor

Wednesday, May 2, Noon-1:00pm, in Pilgrim Hall
Cost: $8. Registration required with by April 30.

Kids compete for trophies and grades and college admission, young adults compete for jobs and mates, the rest of us compete for promotions or tenure and higher salaries and the house we want and…  We humans are competitive. Some thoughtful people have suggested that the solution to our current American and human problems is a competition-ectomy. They say things like, "Both [left and right] are just trying to win. [But] winners creates losers. And with everybody trying to just win and be right, we stop listening to each other.” (Glenn Beck, Reliable Sources, CNN Feb 25, 2018)

How should Christians count competition? Is it sin or salvation or neither or both? Join Rev. Allen Hilton, Ph.D. at noon Wednesday in Pilgrim Hall as we search the scriptures for answers to our real life questions.

ALLEN HILTON is the founder and executive director of House United, a nonprofit initiative that helps groups collaborate across theological and political differences. He holds a PhD in New Testament from Yale University, where he served on the Divinity School faculty, and has led Christian formation in three large churches. Allen is a sought-after speaker on reconciliation and community building.

Allen Hilton will also be speaking on Tuesday, May 1, 7:00pm at First-Plymouth on his latest book "A House United" and will also be the keynote lecturer at the 34th Annual Mayor's Interfaith Prayer Breakfast on May 3.

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