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Opportunities for Refugee and Immigrant Support

Opportunities for Refugee and Immigrant Support

The impact from recent changes in immigration and travel policy is sobering. The issues are complex, and it is easy to get overwhelmed, shrug and turn off the news, wishing there was something you could do. Proposed solutions inevitably carry the whiff of politics, but the business of ensuring that compassion and justice are retained in any response is apolitical and at the core of our mission. First Plymouth has a long history of supporting refugees who seek to make our community home. There is so much we don’t know, but here is what we do know:

*Our local refugees and immigrants are in need of extra legal support, and the Center for Legal Immigration Assistance (CLIA) is working hard to meet this need. In turn, they need OUR help to get the job done. CLIA is looking for donations of time, talent and, yes, treasure.

*Many churches, agencies and volunteers are rising to the call to welcome the stranger, and these efforts are emerging into more coordinated efforts such as the Facebook Group Refugee Support LNK. This work is making it easier to tie willing helpers to the right need.

Join the Board of Christian Outreach on Thurs. April 20, 6:30pm in Pilgrim Hall, for a presentation by Max Graves of CLIA. Learn the status update on current policy impact, information on CLIA’s work (and how to help), and help matching your talents or offerings to a need in our community.

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