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A Deeper Experience with God

A Deeper Experience with God:
A Journey Toward Renewal and Healing

Mondays, March 6-April 24, 6:30-7:30pm. Led by Dr. Mike Eickhoff

Gather together for very gentle yoga, forms of silent meditation, and Lectio Divina contemplative reflection. Whether one struggles with deeper more profound experiences of trauma or simply carries the weight and anxiety of being human, this process engages us from the “bottom up” neurologically and at our foundation as human beings. Further, it helps us bring down the walls of the false self and discover the true self, which is the image of God imprinted within each person. If you are able to sit and breathe you can physically accomplish what is asked in this journey. Sessions will begin with two weeks of foundational exploration about what will happen and why. Then, for the following six weeks, we will perform the process of yoga, silent meditation and contemplative reflection. The process is led by Dr. Mike Eickhoff, a Presbyterian (PCUSA) pastor, who is in his thirteenth year of serving First Presbyterian Church in York, NE.

Register with or call 402-476-7565.