First-Plymouth 150th Anniversary Choir Reunion

Celebrating 150 Years of Music at First-Plymouth, October 8th & 9th

If you have sung in any choir at First-Plymouth in the past 150 years, you are encouraged to attend the First-Plymouth 150th Anniversary Choir Reunion on October 8-9. The weekend will be filled with a Carillon Concert & Reception, Choir Reunion Rehearsal, 150th Anniversary Choir Reunion Banquet, Sunday Worship with the Reunion Choir, Plymouth Brass and Plymouth Ringers, and a special Compline Service.

Dick Morris, Jack Levick, Pete Eklund, Larry Monson, John Cummins, and Tom Trenney will be in attendance to conduct the reunion choir, play the Lied Organ, and speak at our banquet at the Cornhusker Hotel.

Register now to sing and to celebrate the first 150 years of music ministry at First-Plymouth Church!

To register by phone contact Drew Duncan 402-476-7565 x223