June 11-14, 9am-12pm

Here is a link to the songs we will learn at VBS!

Shipwrecked Music

We are looking forward to a week of fun in the sun as we explore the island we have landed on.  Come learn about all the ways God is there for us while we are stranded on Shipwreck Island.  

Each day begins ends with music lead by our band and of course our opening skit.  We know the kids will enjoy exploring Coconut Creations, Tropical Treats, Island Tales and so much more during their time on our island.  The week will end with a Family Night with dinner and a program led by our kids and the full band.  Don't miss the fun this June!

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Registration Fee is $20/child. 
Pay Online with this link; you will need to pay for each child individually.  

VBS Registration Fees