Bible Study Series

Misunderstood: The Apostle Paul in Three Acts

Mon. October 17, Tues. October 18, and Wed. October 19, 6:30-7:30 pm, Pilgrim Hall
Led by Dr. Allen Hilton, former Yale Religion Professor

Registration suggested with Attending all three workshops encouraged but not required.

To some Christians in our time, Paul's sole purpose is to give us Jesus the savior; rescuing us from hell and taking us to heaven. To other Christians in our time, Paul is the devil himself -- homophobe and misogynist, purveyor of bigotry for the ages. But the Paul of the New Testament pictures a Jesus "for this world and the next," and in this world he has mad skills for building community. He may even be just what the divine doctor ordered for what ails us in America these days.

Oct 17: Unashamed: Paul's Good News for Our Whole Lives (Paul the Heaven and Hell Guy)
Oct 18: Undaunted: Paul's Courage and a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (Homosexuality and Paul)
Oct 19: Undivided: Paul's Communities as Our Salvation (Women in the church)