Rev. Dr. Jim Keck Rev. Barb Smisek Rev. Nancy Erickson
Rev. Dr. Jim Keck
Senior Minister
Rev. Barb Smisek
Associate Minister
Rev. Nancy Erickson
Associate Minister
Rev. Jacob Buchholz
Associate Pastor
of Off-site Worship
Rev. Kim Hinrichs Rev. Kathryn Campbell The Late Rev. Dr.
Rev. Kim Morrow
Minister of Sustainability
Rev. Kathryn Campbell
Minister of Spiritual Direction
The Late Rev. Dr.
Otis E. Young
Sr. Minister Emeritus

Lisenced Ministers
Dr. George Wilcott Pastor Karen Clarke Jeanne Johnson
Dr. George Wolcott
Visitation Minister
Pastor Karen Clarke
Animal Ministry
Jeanne Johnson
Spiritual Direction
Children, Youth & Families
Nancy Becker Deb Comstock Mitchell Connelly
Nancy Becker
Interim Director of
Children, Youth & Families
Deb Comstock
Director of
Early Childhood Ministry
Mitchell Connelly
Director of
Youth Ministry
Tammy Alvis Addie Vortherms Shelly Wachman Katie Taddeucci
The Late Tammy Alvis
Operations, Media and Program Director
Addie Vortherms Administrator Coordinator of New Programs and
Shelly Wachman
Campaign Manager
Tom Trenney Jeremy Bankson Rebecca Shane
Tom Trenney
Minister of Music
Jeremy Bankson
Associate Minister of Music
Rebecca Shane
Music Administrator
Louise Deaton Connie Merchant
Louise Deaton
Administrator, Financial Records
Connie Merchant
Administrator, Baptisms, The Herald Newsletter
Jessica Farrell-Churchill
& Calendar
Adam Witte Jenny Bauer
Adam Witte
Head Building Manager
Jenny Bauer
Building Manager
Early Education
Nancy Rosenow Michelle Zimmer Michelle Zimmer
Nancy Rosenow
Executive Director, Dimensions Educational Research Foundation
Michelle Zimmer
Director of Dimensions Early Education Programs