Our curriculum is tailored to the spiritual and developmental needs of your kids at various grade levels and is done in classrooms divided by age group to allow for a small group experience. Each week your child will engage in their faith through multiple learning styles: play, music, art, missions, stories and more.

Sunday Mornings

Grades K-5 @ 9:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

Curriculum: Connect

This fun and quirky curriculum is aimed at sending a spark into the faith life of kids as they begin to make connections between the stories of the bible.  We begin at Genesis and will work through the Old and New Testaments.  Our goal is for your child to understand the overall biblical themes and how they connect to their own lives.

Where do I go?

Children in grades K-5 begin and end their weekly Sunday school experience in Mayflower Hall. So there is only one place to drop off and pick up your children.

During Sunday school, children go with their teachers to classrooms for their small group experiences following our worship together in Mayflower Hall. Teachers escort them to and from Mayflower Hall and are with them at all times. Coffee and snacks are available for families in the Mayflower Cafe once worship services and Sunday school are over.

Grades K-5 @ First-Plymouth East 9:30 a.m. 

CURRICULUM: Faith Journey

Through a rotation style curriculum your kids will learn about many of the faithful believers we read about in the bible.  Each week will be a new station that lets them be creative and even a little messy sometimes.  Stations will include: Art, Cooking, Movie, Science, Games, Storytelling, Missions, Nature, and so much more!


Children in grades K-5 begin in worship before heading out to their class.  Parents will pick them up in their class following worship.

Wednesday Evenings

Grades K-5 @ 6:30-7:30 p.m.

CURRICULUM: Cooking with Jesus

We begin each evening with a fun skit that introduces the lesson of the night before they go to their classrooms.  So what does cooking have to do with the bible?  Each lesson creatively connects fruit pizza, smore's, pretzels and more with a lesson that will help them in their everyday lives.  This is a fun evening for kids to be playful after a full day at school.  


Children in grades K-5 begin and end in their classrooms.
K-1st Grade:  208W
2nd-3rd Grade: 210W
4th-5th Grade: 209W


Questions: Who do I ask?

Rev. Hollie Schmidt is the Minister of Children, Youth & Families and is available on Sunday mornings or you may reach her by email: hollie@firstplymouth.org.

Deb Comstock is the CYFM Department Administrator and is on-site on Sunday mornings. Contact her at deb@firstplymouth.org.