Special Learning Opportunities with Sr. Abla Hasan

A Message from Jim
We are a Christian church and our devotion is to Jesus Christ. But in a simple act of graciousness in a pluralistic world, we will have a devout Muslim scholar - Dr. Abla Hasan - share some verses of the Quran throughout the fall at the 10:30 am service.
Although there are three million Muslim Americans, there is still much fear and misunderstanding about Islam. First-Plymouth must be a place of peace in the cacophony of our times.
Following Jesus does not mean one must have enmity towards other religions. Indeed, an unusual humility and hospitality is His way.
-Jim Keck, Senior Minister

Dr. Abla Hasan, assistant professor of practice of Arabic Language and Culture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will be teaching a variety of special learning opportunities about Islam and more this fall at First-Plymouth. Dr. Hasan will also be joining our 10:30am worship services throughout the fall, where she will read a verse from the Quran and offer a brief explication.

October 29 Women in Quran
What does the holy book of Muslims say about women? 
10:30-11:30am, Mayflower Hall at First-Plymouth

How can a book that openly says, “Strike them” have any feminist interpretation? Does the Quran really reflect a misogynist ideology? Or was the Quranic message merely misunderstood by scholars and jurists, who read the Quran via their patriarchal lenses? What can the analytic, linguistic as well as the critical approach to the Quranic text reveal when it comes to women issues? What does the Quran say about: women’s modesty, women’s public leadership, women’s prophethood, women’s work, marriage, and polygamy? 

November 13 The Muslim Jesus: 

What does Islam teach about Jesus? 
6:00-6:50pm, Pilgrim Hall at First-Plymouth

Who is Jesus? What do Muslims think of him? What does the Quran tell us about his miracles, his life-story and his character? What are the key differences and similarities between Islam and Christianity when it comes to Jesus? What does the Quran say about Christians and Jews? After class you are invited to enter the peaceful Compline worship service at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary.


Registration for Dr. Hasan’s classes suggested. Contact Addie Vortherms, Program Director, at or call 402-476-7550.