Special Events at First-Plymouth

First-Plymouth holds many events and classes throughout the year. A list of major events is on the left, or see a complete list of programs and classes here.

Many events and classes are free, but require registration. To register email addie@firstplymouth.org or call 476-7550.

To register for a fee based class, send your check (payable to First-Plymouth Church) to First-Plymouth Church, attn: Addie, 2000 D St., Lincoln, NE 68502. Include the name of the class on the check memo line, and also include your contact information and email address for last minute changes. Your payment will ensure your enrollment.

The church accepts cash or checks, no credit/debit cards accepted. Payments must be made prior to the start of class.

Early registration is recommended. Classes that don’t meet the minimum enrollment several days before the start date will be canceled.