Bible Studies

Go deeper with the week’s scripture and sermon. Walk-In's Welcome

Not Your Ordinary Bible Study
Thursdays | Noon-1:00pm | Choir Room Led by Rev. Dr. Jim Keck
A spiritual adventure that lets Scripture speak directly to our lives, and catapult us into far-ranging topics of real interest.

Theology on Tap
Mondays | 5:30-6:30pm | The Mill (21st & L Streets) | Led by Rev. Patrick Messer
The Bible is confusing! It's filled with diverse genres of literature, overlapping timelines, evolving theology, and dissonant convictions. Not to mention, every part of Scripture emerged from times, places, and cultures completely foreign to us. This year, let's get to know the Bible. Join us at Theology on Tap as we bring the big picture into focus by learning how all the parts of Scripture tell a common story: our story.

Academic Bible Study
Sundays, September 10, 2017 – May 27, 2018 | 9:00-9:50am | Resource Room
Engaging weekly Bible study led by Dr. David Peabody, Retired Professor of Religion, Nebr. Wesleyan University.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study
Tuesdays | September - May  | 9:30-11:00am | Calvert Parlor | Led by Carolyn Zeisset
Explore Bible stories in their historical context and look for what they have in common with life today. Thematic units, but each week is a self-contained lesson.  All are welcome!

  • January 9 - February 13: Reformation Consequences: What were consequences of the Reformation in understandings of areas such as faith, family, governance, education, the arts?
  • February 20 - March 27: One Passion Story, Four Parallel Accounts: Compare accounts in the four gospels of the story of Jesus= arrest, crucifixion, resurrection.
  • April 3: Archaeology in Jerusalem: Tombs & Burials; Jodi Magness, video instructor; Carolyn Zeisset, leader.
  • April 10 & 17: Introducing the Gospel of Thomas. Rev. Robert Rademacher, leader.
  • April 24 through May 29: Pre-Biblical Influences in the Bible, Part 2. Carolyn Zeisset, leader. Compare pre-Biblical Mesopotamian stories and similar Bible stories. 
    Topics: April 24: A Baby in an Ark; May 1: A Law Code; May 8: Case Law; May 15: Rulers;    May 22: Suffering; May 29: Women.

Women’s Circle 1 Bible Study
1st Wednesday (October-May) | 9:30-11:00AM | Perkins Restaurant (48th & O Streets | Led by Rev. Ralph Sturdy.
Each month Rev. Sturdy brings a specific Biblical text and together we discover its application to our present lives. Women of any age are welcome.

Women’s Circle 3 Bible Study
2nd Wednesday (September-May) | 9:30-11:00AM | Art Room | Led by Rev. Barb Smisek
Join a delightful group of women for a multi-media exploration of the Bible called "Animate" by Sparkhouse. Sessions will begin with short videos by leading theologians like Eric Elnes, Phyllis Tickle, and Nadia Bolz-Weber on topics as Mining for the Word, Rhythem of the Text, Scripture Reads Us, and more. This study is designed to help participants have an engaging, nuanced, and real-time relationship with the sacred texts of the Bible. Cost: $15.00 for journal. Register with or call 402-476-

Five - Bible Study for Adults in their 20s and 30s                                                                 Sundays | 11:30am-12:30pm | Room 211W |  Group led. | Contact Megan Meet weekly to focus on spiritual and community development. Keep it simple with five tenants: pray, share, give, serve, and study. 


Discussion Groups

Walk-ins welcome at all Discussion Groups

‘Something Else’ Discussion
Sundays | September 10 - May 27 | 9:00-10:00am | Calvert Parlor
Discussion on current events, theology, and comparative religions. Led by Jim Hewitt, author, retired lawyer and college professor.

Between Services Book Discussion
Sundays | September 10-May 27 | 9:45-10:30am | Tower Room
Coordinated by Penny Larsen,

A Course in Miracles
Sundays | Year round | 9:40-11:00am | Room 207W (2nd floor) | Group led

Monthly Book Discussion
3rd Tuesday | 11:30am-12:30pm | Room 207W | Group coordinator Amy Tuttle

Early Risers Group for Men
2nd and 4th Wednesday (September-May) | (2nd Wednesday June-Augut) | 7:00-8:00am | Pilgrim Hall | Coordinated by Bob Bartle
Study spiritual issues as they relate to current events.

Men’s Lunch & Conversation with Dr. Keck
1st and 3rd Wed (September-May) | Noon-1:00pm | Calvert Parlor | Led by Dr. Jim Keck
Spiritual and current event discussion. Bring your lunch!

FIVE: 20s/30s Community Group
Sunday | 11:30am-12:30pm | Art Room | Group led
Meet weekly to focus on spiritual and community development. Keep it simple with five tenants: pray, share, give, serve, and study. Contact AJ at

Spirituality for a Divided Nation
4th Wednesday | Noon-1:00PM | Calvert Parlor | Group led | Coordinated by Arlen Etling,
Members choose topics related to spirituality and take turns leading the discussion. A sharing group that leaves final conclusions about spirituality to each member. We aim to be supportive as each member develops a personal understanding and application of spirituality.

Sacred Circle – Women’s Spirituality Study Group
2nd Thursday (September 14 - May 10) | 7:00-8:30pm | Room 211W
A focus on “Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith" by Sarah Bessey. Share what we've found meaningful in her writing, pray and sing together, and support one another as we seek to deepend our union with the Divine.

Early Birds Group for Men
Thursday | 7:00-8:00am | Calvert Parlor | Cooordinated by Bob Reeves or Ray Zeisset.
Stimulating book discussion and a light breakfast.

Contemplative Prayer Group
1st & 3rd Thursday | 1:15-2:00pm | Prayer Room | Led by Rev. Patrick Messer and Spiritual Director Jeanne Johnson.
Explore various forms of prayer including: Centring Prayer, guided imagery, meditation.

Early Bird Discussion for Women
1st and 3rd Friday (Sept. 15 -May 18) | 7:00-8:00am | Calvert Parlor
Group led discussion of the role of our faith within daily life issues. Open to all women in the community. Contact or 402-304-9899.

Peace & Justice Coffee Chat
1st Saturday | 9:00-10:00am | Meadowlark Coffee (17th and South) | Led by FP Peace & Justice Team. Discuss contemporary peace and justice issues.